© Piano on the Rocks 2018
Artistic Director: Sandrine Erdely-Sayo
Co-Director: Elizabeth Peña
Piano on the Rocks International Festival was created in 2016 on the initiative of Duo MusicAleph, with pianist
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo and narrator Elizabeth Peña, who share a common passion for music, literature, poetry and for
the magical city of Sedona, Arizona. This festival brings top international artists and competiton winners to Sedona, the
city of light.

This festival explores the interconnection between solo piano literature, storytelling and literature.  Its mission is to
create a fusion between music and literature, to explore literature through music and music through literature, to offer
musical performances of the highest quality that are accessible to and enjoyable by all, and to build bridges accross
diverse cultures.
M i s s i o n  &  H i s t o r y
w e l c o m e
April 26-28 2019
This year, Piano on the Rocks International Festival celebrates “The Divine”.
Myths, Magic and Mysteries through music and literature.

From the Sylphs to the Undines, from the Gnomes to Saint Francis of Assisi and from the beautiful Hebrew
prayer of Avinu to Franz Liszt’s master piece “Benediction of God in Solitude”, Piano on the Rocks
International Festival opens a path to the Divine